Lent: Weeks 5 & 6

Welp… the Whole30 has pretty much died in these here parts.  I think spring break was really the nail in the coffin.  However, it’s left me very conscious of what I’m consuming and has led me to consistently make better choices about my diet, which is what I’d hoped to get out of it anyways.  I’m really enjoying eating well because I WANT to, not because I have to.  It’s surprisingly freeing.

If you’re interested, here are some of the things I’ve been doing differently since Whole30:

  • Eating more veggies – doing the Whole30 really made me aware of how few vegetables I was actually eating.  Now I always try to cram in as many as I can!
  • Choosing fruit as a side – this is mainly for fast food.  For example, instead of getting fries at Chick Fil A, usually I’ll get a fruit cup with my grilled nuggets.
  • Eating more protein – I’ve been tracking my macronutrients using MyFitnessPal, and one thing I noticed is that I really struggle to get in an adequate amount of protein.  One way I’ve been addressing this is by eating 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt mixed with a scoop of chocolate protein powder for breakfast.  It tastes good and has over 30 grams of protein, and I noticed that not only does it keep me full until lunch, it also helps keep me focused and alert for the rest of the day! I learned everything I know from this site: https://healthyusa.co/testmax-nutrition-recipe-the-complete-diet-system/. It has really helped me improve my health.
  • Avoiding junk food at the cafeteria – although I’m allowing myself treats now, I’m trying to use them as just that: treats.  That means no ice cream in the cafeteria just because.
  • Fitbit – I just got this for my birthday and I love it!  It helps me track how many steps I’ve taken and how well I sleep, to name just a couple of its many features.

Overall, I feel that although I didn’t complete the Whole30, I did get most of the results I was hoping for.  If you’re considering giving it a shot, I’d strongly recommend it!

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