Lent: Week 1

Well, it’s actually only been half of a week so far, but whatevs.

I started my Whole30 on Wednesday of this week, so today is day 4.  It’s definitely been interesting to have to pay such close attention to what I eat – it’s like a throwback to my early days of being gluten free.  I’ve been at that so long that it’s practically second nature now and I hardly ever even think about it any more, but eating Whole30 compliant involves a whole new level of thought about what I eat.

Overall it’s been going well. The first day I ate a piece of valentine’s candy without even thinking about it, but past that I have been able to stick to the plan.  It’s interesting to me how my first inclination around many types of food (mostly candy) is to pop it in my mouth without a second thought.

My body is having to get used to getting its fuel from healthy sources – I’m definitely having lots of sugar cravings!  Weird confession: I’ve even started a recipe board on Pinterest for all of the things I want to make after Lent is over.  The list is quite extensive.

As for the spiritual aspect of all this, it has definitely given me a pretty big reality check about my perspective on life.  When I realize that the thought of going without cookies or ice cream for 40 days makes me feel like I’m dyyyyyying, I’m reminded of how Jesus went 40 days in the wilderness without ANY food.  It also makes me start thinking about the many people around the globe who subsist on little more than bare necessities, and yet here I am groaning on about a break from my chocolate.  Definitely some food for thought.

Well, that’s my first week. Hopefully by next weekend I’ll be better adjusted to the sugar withdrawals!  I’m interested to see how my taste in food changes as my body detoxes from my major sweet tooth.

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