Essential Oils Disclaimer

Essential Oils are a wonderful, natural alternative to conventional medicine.  They usually have few or no side effects and are a safer, gentler choice than modern drugs.  However, as with any self treatment, the following disclaimer and cautions apply:

  • I am not a doctor.  Nothing on this website should be interpreted as an attempt to diagnose or treat any disease or illness.  I am simply sharing what has worked for me, my family, and countless others.
  • As with any medication, if you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care, be sure to consult with your physician and do your own research about essential oils.
  • As Essential Oils are incredibly concentrated, some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of ingesting them. Young Living holds their oils to a standard that is “beyond organic“, so they are guaranteed to be 100% pure and free of synthetic chemicals. Because of this, I personally feel comfortable ingesting Young Living Essential Oils as long as they are diluted beforehand.
  • The vast majority of Essential Oils should be diluted before application or ingestion.  Lavender Oil is an example of a possible exception.  Be sure to test any oil, even when diluted, on a small area of your skin to ensure that you don’t have any sort of reaction.

Again, Essential Oils have given thousands of people a wonderful opportunity to treat many common ailments naturally.  Before starting on your Essential Oils journey, I recommend that you do your own research and make informed decisions for you and your family. Many, many people, including my own family, have reported incredible success with these methods, and I have no reason to believe that Essential Oils won’t work for you!

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