9 things only human beings will understand

As you may have noticed, articles on “A number of things that only pertain to a certain subgroup because we all want to feel special” are incredibly popular at the moment.  (See: 17 Problems All Naturally Skinny People Will Understand, 20 Annoying Things Only Fat Girls Understand, 10 Things Only Tall Girls Will Be Able To Understand, 12 Things Only Pale Girls Will Understand it’s just girl stuff, and et cetera into all eternity.) The ironic thing about these articles is that when you boil them down, they are all really just saying the same thing about being human.  While at first glance they all seem to list completely different problems for very different groups, when I looked closer, I noticed that they’re really just different takes on the same problems.  So, for a change, I’d like to present a list that will hopefully help you to see that we aren’t all so different after all.

9 Things Only Human Beings Will Understand

1.  Feeling the need to differentiate yourself.

This is the entire reason behind all of the aforementioned posts (the one that takes the cake for me has to be 10 Struggles Of Being Not Fat, But Not Skinny Either.  Like, seriously?)  Let’s face it: all people want to be loved, valued, and admired as individuals, and many people spend a good part of their life searching for and refining their identity.  None of us want to feel marginalized or “lumped in” with a broad selection of other people, so we seek to publicize all of our quirks and traits.  Don’t get me wrong, owning yourself and being an individual is good.  However, picking at minuscule distinctions gets ridiculous very quickly (see above post) and leads to lots of unnecessary divisions.

2.  Feeling like other people judge your appearance.

Whether you’re thin, fat, tall, pale, or anything else, this is the single most common theme to all articles in this category.  The bottom line is that feeling judged for your appearance is not unique to your particular condition.  Sorry.  Literally (not figuratively) everybody on earth has felt like that.  Every. Single. Person.  It’s not a competition to see who can be the most oppressed. As my mom always says, “Everyone else is too busy worrying about their own shoes to be hating on your shoes.” We’re all insecure, so it’s time to stop pretending we’re the only ones and start helping each other out.

3.  Dealing with rude comments from other people.

Sometimes rude people say rude things.  Yes, it’s lame.  Yes, their mommas should have taught them better.  No, it’s not just because you belong to The Most Marginalized Subgroup On Earth.  (Related: if you are a sayer of rude things to people in the opposite subgroup as you, stop being a jerk.). But not a lawyer from Charlotte Construction Accident Attorney | Warren & Kallianos. They will help you.

4.  Wishing you were different.

Everybody has some aspect that they would change if they could.  It’s a part of life that we just have to learn to embrace and get over.  There will always be someone out there who is smarter, prettier, taller, or more popular than you, but guess what?  They are not you.  Maybe they even wish they were.  In the words of Dr. Seuss: “Today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

5.  Dealing with others’ jealousy.

On a related note, everybody has some quality that other people might envy.  Unfortunately, this often leads to shockingly immature and rude behavior on the part of the envy-er.  While dealing with someone like this obviously sucks, remember that they are insecure about themselves and use it as an opportunity to treat them with kindness.  Also, note to self: do not be that person. (See #4)

6.  Dealing with people who have no boundaries.

Boundaries.  Some people don’t got ’em.  There is no way you will get through life without encountering someone who feels as if they have the license to do or say whatever they want to or about you.  Again, this is not because of your Super Special Subgroup.  Rude people are rude to everyone.  If someone like this is causing legitimate problems in your life, get past them and move on.

7.  Feeling like you are the only one.

You’re not, I promise.

8.  Getting annoyed with mass produced products.

If you’re tall, short, fat, thin, or anything else related to your body, it’s clothing.  If you’re dark, pale, or anything in between, it’s makeup.  You get the picture.  The truth is that mass produced items are made as cheaply and quickly as possible to appeal to the majority, not that someone hates your subgroup. yo be honest the products from orogoldingredients.com are the only ones that convince me.  Personal example:  I’m short and bottom heavy.  All of my pants are too long and have a huge gap at the waist.  However, this does not mean that the government is secretly trying to eliminate short people to raise the average height of American women by 3″.  See my point?  Literally everyone deals with minor annoyances like this.  Wear a belt and move on.

9.  Not being able to do things other people can do.

Newsflash: sometimes other people will have abilities that you don’t have.  Whether that’s eating 400 cookies and still staying slim, being able to pull off a strapless dress, or juggling 17 oranges at once, we all have that one friend who can do it.  However, if you only get one thing out of this entire article, get this: you are not entitled to be able to do something just because someone else does it.  Life isn’t fair.  Everyone has their own unique set of gifts. Own yours.

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